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Valet Self Storage

Brute Storage provides valet storage we pick up, store, and deliver.

Serving The San Francisco Bay Area.
valet storage

What Is Valet Storage?

Valet storage is a simple and cost-effective way to store your stuff.

Say goodbye to the storage unit. Gone are the days of hauling everything in your car, lugging everything in to a storage unit, and having the prices continually rise each year.

The process is simple: create an account online, schedule your pick up and we’ll send a team of professional movers to move your items to our storage facility. All of your items will be inventoried and managed in your online account. When you want something delivered, simply call us or schedule a delivery online.

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Simple Pricing, Great Service

Pickups are free, and deliveries are just $20. All plans require a 3 month minimum.

2′ x 4′
32 cubic feet
This plan is perfect for:
5′ x 10′
200 cubic feet
This plan can fit a combo of:
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All plans include:

  • Free Storage Pickups
  • Free Storage Boxes
  • Deliveries are just $20
  • 3 Month Minimum Contract

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Call us at (628) 222-7353 and we can customize a plan to fit your exact need!

Common Questions

How Does Valet Storage Work?

The process is really easy! First, create an account online. Then request an appointment date and we’ll drop off empty boxes. When you’re ready, we’ll pick up your stuff,including any large or bulky items that don’t fit in a box. Everything is labeled and barcoded, and stored in our secure warehouse. All of your stuff is managed in an online account and you can have it delivered when you need it.

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Why Use Valet Storage?

With valet storage you can save time, money and hassle. No more numerous storage unit trips, no more hauling things in your car and no more waiting for the storage unit to open. With valet storage, you can manage all your belongings in your online account and leave the pickup and delivery to us.

How Do I Manage My Stuff?

It’s easy! No more wondering what you have buried in your garage, or closet, you inventory is managed entirely online in your personalized account, you can even upload your own images and add custom descriptions. Want something delivered? Not a problem! Just click on the item you want back, pick a delivery date and time and we’ll be there promptly to deliver it.