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Self Storage Simplified.

Ditch your self storage unit.
Brute Storage offers storage we pick up, store, and deliver on demand.

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Traditional Self Storage vs. Valet Storage

Traditional Self Storage

Self-storage facilities rent storage space typically on month-to-month terms, and you pay for the entire storage unit, regardless of how much storage you actually use. Items are generally not covered by any insurance, and it’s the responsibly of the tenant to store and retrieve any items from storage.

Valet Storage

Valet self storage (also known as on demand storage, or full-service storage) is a more convenient option to traditional self storage. We do all the hard work, we pick up your stuff, store it in our secure warehouse, and deliver your stuff on demand to your doorstep. Everything can be managed in your online account, where you can upload custom pictures, add descriptions and schedule appointments.

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Simple Pricing, Great Service

Pickups are free, and deliveries are just $20. All plans require a 3 month minimum.

2′ x 4′
32 cubic feet
This plan is perfect for:
5′ x 10′
200 cubic feet
This plan can fit a combo of:
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All plans include:

  • Free Storage Pickups
  • Free Storage Boxes
  • Deliveries are just $20
  • 3 Month Minimum Contract

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Valet Storage Benefits

Save Time

Storage on your schedule. Book online, selecting appointment dates and times to your home or office when it’s convenient for you.

Save Money

Only pay for the storage you use. Scale your plan up or down as your need changes. Plans start at just $29 per month.


Your stuff is safe. With 24/7 security monitoring, video surveillance and fire protection.

Online Management

Manage your stuff on the go. With your online account, you can manage your storage on the go.

What Is Valet Self-Storage?

Valet self storage is a simple and cost-effective way to store your stuff. We will come to your house with a truck, deliver empty boxes, move your items to storage, and return your stuff on demand. All you have to do is pack up the boxes and the valet self-storage company will do the rest.

Managing your stuff is simple with an online account. With your personal account, you can upload photographs of each item, add descriptions, and schedule pickups and deliveries.

It’s great for both long-term and short-term storage. Need your camping equipment for a weekend trip? Not a problem. Need to store your books? That works too! Click here to get started

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How Big Are Self-Storage Units?

Self-storage units range in size, price and the city that they’re located. Typically, you’ll have six different options to choose from:

5’ x 5’ (the size of a small closet)

5’ x 10’ (the size of a walk-in closet)

10’ x 10’ (the size of a small bedroom)

10’ x 15’ (the size of a large bedroom)

10’ x 20’ (the size of a one car garage)

10’ x 30’ (the size of a large garage)

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How Do I Pack For Self-Storage?

In order to make the best use of your space, it’s important to know how to pack correctly. Important packing mechanisms include marking your cords, utilizing clothes and socks for fragile items, photographing complicated electronics, and labeling your boxes.

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