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Where Can I Recycle My Books in San Francisco?

San Francisco is a city full of smart, intelligent and artistic people. It’s safe to assume that many of these people have impressive libraries. At the very least, typical San Francisco classics like books written by Mark Twain and Jack Kerouac don their bookshelves. But as part of the decluttering process, sometimes books don’t make […]

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What is San Francisco Rent Control?

San Francisco rent control–the magical saving grace for long-term San Franciscan residents. You’ve probably heard whispers about it if you’re new to the city. Friends and family have most likely murmured, “find an apartment with rent control.” They’re smart. You should listen to them. It will indeed save you from a huge headache in the […]

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The Best San Francisco Thrift Stores For Furniture

San Francisco has a specific aesthetic. The city’s vibe oozes freedom, creativity, and character–all a mix of the innovative-types San Francisco has attracted since the early 1900s. Some have described the streets of San Francisco as walking through an idyllic boutique shop. We can’t argue with that. The colors porches from the 1920s definitely scream […]

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Airbnb Your Home in San Francisco–What You Need to Know

Airbnb is a great way to make passive income in San Francisco–and many city dwellers are aware of this. Since Airbnb launched, San Francisco neighborhoods like The Mission, SoMa, NoPa, Bernal Heights, and Noe Valley have the most list listings on the short-term rental site. In a city where hotels are pretty expensive–and limited–there’s nothing […]

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The Rules on Your San Francisco Rent Deposit Return

San Francisco apartments aren’t only expensive in terms of monthly rent, they’re expensive to move into. Most landlords and landladies require a first and last month rent deposit. Sometimes, if the place is furnished, you will be asked to pay three times one month’s rent before you move in. According to California Civil Code Section […]

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Bay Area Holiday Activities to Get Your Winter Fix

Ah, winter in California– where temperatures rise higher than 65 degrees on a sunny day, and rarely drop below 50 on a cold one. Even though that might feel cold to some, we know we’ve got it good compared to the rest of the country. Unless you’re spending the weekend tucked away in the Sierras, […]

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